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Spinal projection neuron recording

  • Our first approach is based on the recording of spinal projection neurons, i.e. neurons receiving inputs from nociceptors and transmitting those inputs to the brain.
  • The activity of these neurons synthesizes the activity of peripheral nociceptors (evoked and “spontaneous”) and additionally reflects the intrinsic changes that have occurred at the level of the spinal cord in pathophysiological condition (aka central sensitization – something that recording of peripheral fibers misses).

DRG neuron recording

  • DRG neuron recording in anesthetized mice is in place since June 2021.
  • We are currently generating data in different pathophysiological models (notably oxaliplatin-induced neuropathy). Our aim is to generate robust assays allowing a measure of the analgesic efficacy of drug candidates targeting peripheral nociceptors in specific pathophysiological conditions.

Other electrophysiological models

Other electrophysiological models (microneurography, peripheral multiunit recording, flexor reflex, etc…) are also available. Models can be developed on demand.

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Animal welfare

The use of animals is at the very heart of our work. Accordingly, E-Phys is committed to maximising the well-being of the animals we use, adhering to all legal requirements of in vivo preclinical research and respecting the core philosophy of the 3Rs.  
  • E-Phys complies with the French and European legislation on animal experiments (Council directive 86/609EEC).
  • Our animal facility is accredited by the government agency and all animal technicians are fully trained and licensed.
  • All protocols are approved by the local ethical committee and the French National Ministry of Research (Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche).


  • We only offer assays in which we have sufficient experience and confidence.
  • Data are provided in a transparent, traceable format, allowing complete step by step quality control by third parties from the dosing of the animal to results quantification.